Booking and payment conditions


  • All our Spanish courses are taught from Monday to Friday , since the school is closed on weekends.

  • The school is open throughout the year with the exception of one week at Easter and another at Christmas . The academy will also be closed on national/regional holidays:

    • school will be closed on the following dates: January 1 – 4, January 21 (San Sebastián Day), March 19 (San José), April 18 – 26 (Holy Week), May 1 (Labor Day), July (Santiago), July 31 (Saint Ignatius of Loyola), August 15 (The Virgin), November 1 (All Saints), December 8 (Immaculate Conception), December 23 – 31 (Christmas).

  • In these cases, classes will not be made up, but the student will be offered a holiday discount .

payment method

  • To make a reservation for our courses, it is necessary to previously fill out the registration form and pay a deposit of €150 by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card. For the Extensive courses the deposit will be €30 (Registration).

  • The bank commissions that apply to the transfer or Paypal payment will in any case be borne by the student. The Aula Azul will let the student know in advance the amount that they will have to pay upon arrival at the school.

  • The payment of the rest of the course as well as the bank commissions applied, must be made on the first day of the course at the school. The Blue Classroom allows payment in cash or by credit card .


  • All our group courses are for over 16 years old and entail a registration payment and a price that can be consulted through the page: ( Our students will only pay tuition once in their life, so if they study with us again they will not have to pay again.

  • In the event that a student wishes to extend their course, they must notify at least one week in advance , and must pay the cost for the extra weeks they decide to study at that time.
  • The student’s level will be determined by a test that the school will send him and that he will have to send completed at least two weeks before the beginning of the course, without help of any kind. The test will allow you to be assigned a group and a specific time. Otherwise, the school cannot guarantee the assignment of the correct group and level or the change to another group once the course has started.

  • The price of the course includes teaching material , access to the free resources of El Aula Azul on the Internet, participation in all activities that do not carry additional costs and free access to Internet & Wifi and the center’s library and video library.

  • The payment of the course and / accommodation in no case includes any type of insurance . The student must be duly insured and is solely responsible for being in possession of the corresponding medical and/or travel insurance.

Number of students

  • All group courses require a minimum of 3 students with the same level and will have a maximum of 9 students per class .

  • In the case of the Intensive and Super-Intensive courses, when there is no possibility of forming an intensive group of the same level, or in the event that a group is canceled due to a lack of sufficient students, the student will be offered the possibility of perform a “intensive one to one” in which, for the same price of the intensive course, he would attend 1.5h/day of private class. The situation of “intensive one to one ” would be revoked at the moment in which it was possible to form a normal intensive group. In the case of having two students with the same level, the classes would be 2 hours/day.


  • Cancellations are allowed under the following conditions:

    • More than 30 days in advance : the deposit is returned minus €40 (registration).
    • Less than 30 days in advance : the deposit is not returned.
  • Any applicable bank commission will be borne by the student. Once the course has started or the registration has been paid and when the cancellations are due to causes beyond El Aula Azul, in no case will the money paid be refunded.

  • In addition, the registration of students who do not make the payments within the agreed dates may be canceled . Likewise, the Aula Azul reserves the right to suspend the course due to inappropriate behavior of the student without refund of the money paid.

  • In the event that El Aula Azul had to cancel a course due to force majeure , the total amount paid by the student would be reimbursed.


  • The course reservation can be modified to another date as long as it is done with a minimum of 7 days in advance . The accommodation reservation can only be modified if it is made at least 15 days in advance , otherwise a surcharge of €100 will be applied.


  • In case of requesting a visa for stays longer than 4 weeks, it is necessary to pay the deposit (€150) to receive the invitation letter. Once the visa has been granted, the stay cannot be modified and therefore there will be no refunds. In the event that the visa is denied, the student must send the original letter of denial and only in that case will the deposit be returned minus the registration fee (€40).


  • The Blue Classroom offers a help service in finding accommodation for the duration of the course and only for adults (18 years old). The Aula Azul acts as an intermediary between the owners of the flats in our database who wish to rent a room and the students who wish to rent it. The price of this brokerage service is €50 (Reservation Management).

  • The accommodation service is only available for Intensive, Super-Intensive or Senior course reservations and for the duration of the course.

  • The exact location of the apartment will be sent to the student on the Wednesday before the start of their course. The room will be available from the Sunday before the start date of the course at 2:00 p.m. until Saturday at 12:00 p.m. and any additional night will have an extra cost.

  • Students must inform the school in advance of their arrival time in San Sebastian.

  • The Blue Classroom guarantees that the selected flats have a room for single use (unless otherwise stated) and common areas that will be shared with the rest of the inhabitants of the apartment: kitchen, living room and bathroom, among which the owner of the apartment will normally be found.

  • The Aula Azul offers these accommodations as a ” shared apartment ” so that students must abide by the rules of the apartment in terms of cleanliness, use of common spaces, etc. A student will be able to request the specific information they want about their apartment, once they have received the information about its location. You can also specify if you want a specific feature on the floor when booking your course.
  • The accommodation includes sheets , but the student must bring both bath and beach towels .

  • Access to the home by any person outside of it is strictly prohibited .

  • The Aula Azul is not responsible for disagreements that may arise from living in the accommodation, nor in the event that the student’s expectations regarding said accommodation are not met.

  • In any case, El Aula Azul does undertake to act as an intermediary in said disagreements with the aim of finding a solution for a stay that is as satisfactory as possible for the student. The Aula Azul will offer a change of accommodation or other solutions as far as possible and provided that the student is willing to pay the possible costs .


  • The student agrees that his/her image may appear in promotional materials through photos taken at school or during social activities.

  • The Blue Classroom is not responsible for possible damage caused by the student to people or property.

  • Enrollment in the course implies in any case the acceptance of these general conditions , which the Aula Azul has previously delivered and which have been read and understood by the contracting party.