After your class, keep practicing Spanish while having fun and making new friends

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Activities in combined courses

Combine your Spanish course with surfing or music and practice while having fun. Learn Spanish inside and outside the classroom

Free Activities

All our Spanish courses include free activities outside the classroom .

Suggest an activity and we will make it happen. If you want any specific activity during your course.


All our activities are organized by the teachers of the school or highly motivated monitors. You will have no choice but to speak in Spanish!


We organize activities from Monday to Thursday during the months of July and August, usually in the afternoon.


During the winter you can join our language exchange evenings once a week and any other activities that come up.


We are always willing to organize activities if our students ask us

Tell us!

Total immersion program

At El Aula Azul our priority is that you can practice Spanish in a real and effective way.

With the classes you will improve and learn new things, but if what you want is a true immersion in the language, we offer you a unique program free of charge with your registration that will help you practice Spanish to the fullest.

totally free

Program included in course registration

Activities inside and outside the classroom

Coordinated and guided by our teachers

Students whose mother tongue

Be English or fluent in English (Level C1)

4 options to practice Spanish

to the maximum with local people

language exchange

Supervised by our teachers. They all practice the language.

Tuesday night we organize a language exchange in a bar in San Sebastián. You interact and improve the language.

talking pills

Conversation sessions at school with local people.

Gain confidence and fluency speaking and participating in activities adapted to the level of each student.

talking pal

We assign you a Spanish-speaking “colleague” who is an English student.

To carry out different tasks organized by your teacher. A collaborative learning formula where you can also meet new people.

Debates and talks

Do you dare to give a talk in Spanish on a topic?

Your teacher will guide you and help you improve. Why not talk about other topics using Spanish as the vehicular language?

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