A place to rest after your classes

Do you want to know the different neighborhoods to sleep in San Sebastian? Relax in our hotels, pensions, hostels, campsites, rural houses… and enjoy your stay in Donostia!

Accommodation through El Aula Azul

The demand for accommodation in summer and Easter is high in San Sebastian, we recommend you book early. From the school we can help you find accommodation in a shared flat with other Spaniards.

If you want to do it through the school, keep in mind that:

  • You will have your own room with the right to use the common areas.
  • You will share a flat with Spanish professionals between 30-50 years old, the owner of the flat among them.
  • The shared apartment option is only available for people over 18 years of age.
  • The details of the apartment will be provided the week before your arrival.
  • We also offer the possibility of staying with families. Ask us about the availability and prices of this option.

Long stays with discount. Spothome.

If your stay with us is going to last at least 4 weeks or more , we recommend you plan your accommodation through the Spotahome platform

You can choose a complete accommodation or a room for your course.

When you book your course, tell us that you would like to book your accommodation with this platform and we will send you a code so that you can receive the 20% discount on your accommodation with Spotahome.

Other recommended accommodations

If your stay is for less than 4 weeks and you want to choose your accommodation yourself, according to your preferences and needs, these are our recommendations:


From: 160

+50€ (reservation fee)

Course information:

  • Reservation management: +50€.
  • In high season, +20€/week (from June 26 to September 3)
  • To contract only with our Intensive or Super Intensive course.
  • Available for over 18 years.
  • Shared apartment with local adults.
  • To hire a different accommodation, or with another type of course, or for minors, contact us .