School groups

School groups

San Sebastian is the perfect city to take a study trip and learn Spanish.

“San Sebastian is the perfect city for school trips”. That’s what teachers who bring their students here say. Because it has the security of a quiet city and also the comfort of a medium-sized city, with a wide range of activities.

Why come to El Aula Azul?

  • Students and teachers alike want to make the most of their school trips. Therefore, our program will offer you an immersion in the language and culture in a dynamic, exciting and playful way. Because the most fun learning is the most effective.
  • Every moment of your stay will be an opportunity for the students to practice their Spanish while the teachers can enjoy the city. Our location in the heart of the city facilitates the logistics of the group to the maximum.
  • Northern Spain is famous for its exquisite gastronomy but also for the elegance of its cities, the green of its landscapes, the blue of the sea on white sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages.
  • With our programs for groups, you will be able to get a glimpse of the Basque culture, which has its own language, the Basque language; millenary traditions, such as the pelota game, gastronomic societies and a special relationship with the sea through surfing and regattas.

  • With our experience and enthusiasm we are committed to offer a language and culture immersion program that is a unique experience for students and teachers. We adapt to each group and try to meet their expectations by involving ourselves to the maximum.

We want your stay with us to be a unique experience for students and teachers!

Spanish course

Academic program tailored to the needs of the school group and by levels. In the morning, intensive Spanish course of 3 or 4 hours (according to preference).

San Sebastian is our great classroom for learning Spanish.

Lesson program developed entirely by El Aula Azul for school groups with playful activities to learn about the local culture, reinforcing the grammatical structures and vocabulary of each group through projects.

  • Customizable, if desired, according to the teacher’s needs: more focused on communicative activities (reinforcement of oral expression), specific grammatical structures or based on specific projects.
  • We use materials in some parts of the program as a commitment to quality materials for specific communicative purposes.
  • Pre-questionnaire to know the specific needs of the students.
  • Certificate at the end of the course.
  • Possibility of preparing a personalized video to present to families at the end of the program.

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