Online Extensive Course

3h/week, 1.5h - 2 days

“The El Aula Azul online course allows me to learn Spanish from home and with a suitable schedule to combine classes with my work. In addition, it is a class organized and supervised by a real school, which cares that you are really learning effectively. It is a wonderful experience with which I am notably progressing my Spanish”. Erika Schwarz, student of El Aula Azul


  • Communicative method with oral approach.
  • Work material included in the course.
  • Native and qualified teachers.
  • Continuous training of teachers in new technologies.

Extras with your course

  • Platform to practice Spanish with videos and online resources.
  • Free total immersion program to practice Spanish with native speakers.


  • General conditions of our Spanish courses.

Online Extensive Course



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Course information:

  • Maximum 9 students per class
  • 3h/week in two sessions of 90 min.
  • From September to June. Sign up the month you want.
  • Face -to-face and online.
  • Morning or afternoon schedule, depending on level.
  • Sending of final certificate of the course.

Online groups available

Extensive A2

Platform Level

Tuesday and Thursday

17:30 - 19:00

If you already have basic knowledge of Spanish, you can introduce yourself and talk about your tastes, friends or family and you want new challenges with Spanish and keep improving, without a doubt, this group is for you.

Estefania, teacher at El Aula Azul


Spanish teacher

Estefanía loves teaching Spanish: she always does her best to get her students to internalize new content and put it into practice in an enjoyable and effective way.

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Extensive B2

Advanced Level

Monday and Thursday

18:30 - 20:00

This group has just started the B2 level. If you are already fluent in Spanish and want new grammar and vocabulary challenges to keep improving, this may be the perfect online option for you.

Sonia, teacher at El Aula Azul


Spanish teacher

Sonia loves meeting people from all over the world and her classes are always perfectly prepared to meet the objective of each class. If you have classes with her, surely you will not want to change!

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Extensive C1

Effective Operational Domain Level

Tuesday and Thursday

18:30 - 20:00

An advanced level group who have already started level C1. We will combine very enjoyable class themes (culture, traditions, professional field…) that will help us to introduce new structures, vocabulary and uses of the language so that you continue to improve at this level of improvement.

Sara, teacher at El Aula Azul


Spanish teacher and children's coordinator

In addition to being a teacher, Sara is the coordinator of classes with children. You will love her for her kindness and sympathy . In our satisfaction surveys, Sara scores extremely well and her students, both adults and children, love her.

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Can’t find a group that suits you?

Open a group at a new time or consult the face-to-face groups if you live in San Sebastián.

FAQ: open new groups

If there is no group available that we have on the list that suits you, you can open a new group of your level at the time you prefer.

All our extensive courses follow the following condition:

  • 1 student in the group – 1h / week.
  • 2 students in the group – 1.5h / week.
  • 3 students or more in the group – normal schedule – 3h / week in two days (1.5h each day).

As soon as a new student joins the group, your schedule will be extended to 1.5h. As soon as there are 3 or more students in the group, you will have 3 hours of class per week.

Yes. Although we reduce the timetable, the contents of the course will be the same because we understand that with fewer students in the group, the pace is faster. For this reason, we maintain the same price despite being fewer hours.

If at any time new students join the group and you prefer to continue alone, you can always change your course to private classes.

Then, check the available groups in the list above and sign up for one of them. You can also consult our extensive face-to-face courses (if you live in San Sebastián) to see if there is a group that suits you.