Total immersion programme

"One of the things I liked the most about my course at El Aula Azul was the opportunity to carry out different activities and assignments with natives. They want to improve their English and I, my Spanish, so we all benefit from the programme and make new friends".
Amanda Hoffman, United States

What is it?

At El Aula Azul, our priority is to help you practice your Spanish with a real and effective approach. With our classes, you'll improve and learn new things, but if what you want is an authentic immersion in the language, we offer a unique programme that will help you practice Spanish to the fullest.

How does it work?

Totally free and directed at students whose native language is English or who are fluent in English (C1 level). Upon arrival, we'll offer you the option to participate in the programme through four options: Conversation pills, language exchanges, "talking pal", and debates and talks

Conversation pills

A few days a month, and depending on student availability, we organise conversation sessions at the school with locals. Discussion themes and activities appropriate for the level of the students are proposed

Language exchange

Every Tuesday evening we organise a language exchange in a bar in San Sebastián. It is supervised by one of our teachers who is in charge of distributing time so that everyone can practice the language in which they are interested.

Talking pal

We assign you a "buddy" who speaks Spanish with whom you can meet to complete different assignments given by your teacher. As they will be an English student, you must also help them with their assignments. How about if they help you write a piece about an interesting topic and you give them your opinion on another? A formula for collaborative learning where you can also meet new people.
42314651 - college students with tutor having discussion

Debates and talks

Are you interested in collecting insects? Maybe origami? How about giving a talk in Spanish about a topic? A teacher will send you your mistakes afterwards so you can improve. Why not talking about other topics in Spanish?

And if you still want more...

"Genuine Basque Country" pack

If these activities are not enough for you, or if you're thinking about visiting us during the winter and want to make sure you will have activities going on every day, you can also book our most popular pack with premium activities.
+ More information on the "Genuine Basque Country" pack.

Combined courses

You can also enrol in a combined course, where in addition to your Spanish course, you can choose from surfing, horseback riding, and music at a very competitive price.
+ More information about combined courses in "Spanish Courses".

What our students say...