"Every day, after class, we have something to do: kayak, routes through the city, dance classes... It helped me make new friends aside from my classmates, and, of course, to practice Spanish outside of school."
Ethan Morris, student (summer of 2015)

For all tastes

We try to make our activities as varied as possible so that all of our students feel motivated to participate.

Always accompanied

All of our activities are organised by the teachers themselves or by highly motivated instructors. You won't have any choice but to speak Spanish!


During the summer, we organise activities Monday through Thursday, usually in the afternoon. During the winter, you can join in on our afternoon language exchanges once a week and any other activity that comes up. We are always willing to organise activities if our students request it!

Completely free

You won't have to pay anything to participate in activities. If one day we go out to eat or to a museum, you'll only pay the cost.

Also with natives

Sometimes we invite local friends to participate in the activities. Is there a better way to hear and practice real Spanish? Additionally, they will tell you interesting things about San Sebastián.

Ideas accepted

We are always open to new suggestions for activities. If you want a specific activity during your course.... Tell us and we'll put it into practice if possible!

And if you still want more...

Premium activities

If these activities are not enough for you, or if you're thinking about visiting us during the winter and want to make sure you will have activities going on every day, we also offer “premium” activities that you can hire once you are here: excursions in the region, pintxos workshops .. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about these activities.

Combined courses

You can also enrol in a combined course, where in addition to your Spanish course, you can choose from surfing, horseback riding, and music at a very competitive price.
+ Aditional information about combined courses on "Spanish courses".

What our students say...