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"Family, professional and friendly atmosphere. That is what I was looking for when I decided to start learning Spanish and I found it in El Aula Azul. I have been studying with them for four years and at school I feel at home. It is my second family."
Laurien Lijbaart, Netherlands
El Aula Azul Spanish school

Just like our students, we are convinced that a pleasant atmosphere is essential in the process of learning a foreign language. The student has to feel good and motivated to continue making progress in that process, and that is our focus at El Aula Azul: To work closely, by personalising the lessons and adapting ourselves to the needs of each one of our students.

Besides, it is very important for us to take care of our class methodology . That is why we constantly train our teachers to adapt to the new developments in Spanish teaching, so that the final result is well-structured quality classes in which our students learn and enjoy at the same time.

However, although we know that a pleasant environment and a careful methodology are enough to learn, they do not guarantee an "unforgettable experience." And as that is what we want you to experience at our school, we offer you:

The best located school in San Sebastián

An emblematic building in an unbeatable location of San Sebastián; within walking distance from La Concha beach, so you can enjoy the beach right after finishing your classes. In addition, the location in the heart of the city will make it possible for you to get to know the most interesting places, the most attractive shops, and the best known bars and restaurants.

Supported by our accreditations

We have always strived to do our job properly. As a result, we have been recognised by several institutions that are benchmarks in the teaching of Spanish and we are part of quality control associations of schools and tourism. If you want to study with El Aula Azul, your learning is guaranteed.
Moreover, we are official SIELE examinator center. (More information about SIELE official exam). If you want to officially certify your level of Spanish, you can do so with El Aula Azul.

Our facilities

We have five spacious fully equipped classrooms designed for effective learning. We have computers, projectors, reference books... and everything you may need during your course.

And, when it's time to rest, we have a common area with sofas, a coffee machine, and a signboard where you will find the school's news as well as information about our activities and suggestions to make the most of your free time in San Sebastian.

You can ask Silvia or Annika in our administration office about all the practical matters of the course.

Our breakroom at El Aula Azul


Reception at El Aula Azul


Image of our the blue room at El Aula Azul

View of our blue classroom

Image of our purple room at El Aula Azul

View of our purple classroom

Information area and library

Information area and library


A well-prepared and willing team

The directors, as well as the administrative staff and the teachers get along very well, and that shows. There is a young, fresh, and fun atmosphere. We will all be happy to help you; not only in your learning process, but also by giving you advice so you can enjoy the city to the fullest.

All our teachers have a degree and specific training or experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. In addition, whenever a new teacher arrives at El Aula Azul, we train them thoroughly so that they can apply our methodology, which has been a great success among our students. We also keep a close watch to ensure that all of our teachers give quality classes. The satisfaction of our students is our best endorsement!

Silvia, Ester, Annika, Idoia, Salva, Alba, Esther, Roberto, Sara, Débora... we are all looking forward to meeting you to help you improve, lose your fear of speaking Spanish, and solve all your doubts.

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