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"Living with Fede at his home has been an unforgettable experience. He was very kind, welcoming, and fun with me from the very first moment. My Spanish has significantly improved and I also made a new friend."
Andrea Djuranović, Serbia

Course details

  • · Accommodation with breakfast included at the teacher's home
  • · In the city of Vitoria (1h by car from San Sebastián)
  • · 4 hours a day guaranteed with your teacher: 2 hours of lessons and 2 hours of activities

Learn a little bit more about Fede

Hi, future roommate,

My name is Fede and I live in a small and beautiful city called Vitoria. It's very close to San Sebastián and Bilbao. The building where I live at is by the old part of town, so the centre is nearby. The apartment is on the fourth floor but every day, if there are no clouds... you can see the sunset, it's magical!

On my part, I can say I've been a Spanish teacher for 10 years, and a roommate for quite some time, so living together will be easy! I love my city and it will make me very happy to show you the architecture, politics, history, customs, music, and language of this beautiful part of the country. If you want to come with your partner or your family... that's also possible!
This is my proposal, but we will draw the final plan together:
After picking you up at the station and giving you your keys (for the house and the bicycle), we will spend 4 hours every day together. This means that you will also have time to study, read, rest, sleep, sail, do your homework, take a stroll... or stay at home.-Mi casa es tu casa-.

During this time, we will take lessons, but we will also make plans outside.
I will propose several activities to you, some you can do on your own and some we will do together. These activities may be: Tour and chat around the city, pintxos route, visit to the Artium museum, visit to the cathedrals, we will cook tortilla, taste wines or beers, we will take a bicycle ride to the Salburua wetlands, we will discuss the news together, we will have a special "movie forum" that I call "Sofa&Blanket," we will go to concerts, maybe a rehearsal of the bands I play with, we can watch live sports, you will meet my friends and family, you will eat the best pintxos, and you will try the best wines according to the locals...

As you can see, with a little information about you, your goals in terms of learning the language, and your tastes I can create an experience you will never forget, because it will be tailor-made for you.

I'm sure that, between my experience and your eagerness to learn, we will make a great team. I'll be waiting for you!

Warm regards,

Your roommate, Fede

Information about Vitoria

Vitoria is a beautiful inland city located 1 hour by car from San Sebastián. It has a spectacular old town that takes time back to the Middle Ages: Many of its streets still retain the names of the establishments of its workers: Calle Cuchillería (Cuttlery street), Pintorería (Paint Shop street)...

Its cathedral, which served as an inspiration for one of the novels by the famous writer Ken Follet, deserves a special mention. For the past few years, Vitoria has developed several green belts and parks where you can rest or go on cycling trips.
Come and discover Vitoria with our teacher, Fede, an exceptional guide. More information on Vitoria.

Pricing "Co-living experience with your teacher"


Includes accommodation in private room, breakfast, and 4 hours a day with the teacher, to be distributed between lessons and activities.

"Co.-living experience with your teacher" + intensive course

12602 weeks

Combine the "Co-living experience with your teacher" (in Vitoria) course with an extra week in San Sebastián at a shared accommodation with 3 hours of Spanish lessons.

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