Spanish courses

"More than 500 million people speak Spanish in the world". The Instituto Cervantes has already defined it as the second most spoken language on the planet. If you want to improve your Spanish or learn it from scratch, do it in El Aula Azul. There are many different courses to choose from.

Spanish group courses

Intensive Course

150per week

3h / day

Super Intensive Course

275per week

3h / day + 1h private lesson

Semi Intensive Course

80per week

1,5h / day

Extensive Course

100per month

3h / week

One-to-one lessons

Private lessons

30per hour

Personalised attention, adapted to your needs.

Private lessons for two

20per hour

Personalised lessons for you and your partner/friend/family.

Seniors Special

195per week

For the over-60s. Your own pace and at a special price.

Skype lessons

30per session

Lessons to take from your home. If you take 10 sessions, you will get a discount.

Family courses

Combined courses

Spanish and surf

85per week

Add surf lessons to your Spanish course

Spanish and horse riding

1004 days

Tuesday through Friday afternoon

Spanish and music

90per week

Add guitar lessons to your Spanish course

North and South course

13404 weeks

Discover San Sebastián and Cádiz while learning Spanish

Other courses

DELE Preparation

+20per course

Prepare your DELE exam with us

Spanish Express


This mini course is perfect if you are in the city just for a few days. 3h course.

Español en la calle

Aprende español con nuestros cursos individuales mientras descubres San Sebastián

Spanish for companies

Help your foreign workers adapt to the city and the language

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