Extensive C2
November 18, 2020

Curso extensivo A2+

If you already have basic knowledge of Spanish, you can introduce yourself and talk about your tastes, friends or family and you want new challenges with Spanish and keep improving, without a doubt, this group is for you.

Course features


Group teacher

If you have classes with Salva, you will love them. His students highlight his patience and the original activities that he usually prepares for his classes. Salva has been with us for several years and we are always surprised by his motivation with the students and his ability to devise new ways of teaching different concepts in an enjoyable and effective way.

Modality: Hybrid

Remember! This group follows the hybrid modality, which means that there are students who follow the class online and students who attend the class in person.
See more information about El Aula Azul - Safe school against COVID 19 and our classes.

Proof class

You can try the first class without obligation. If you are not satisfied and do not want to continue with the course, you will not have to pay it.

Pre-enroll in the course

Tuesday and Thursday

18:30 – 20:00