DELE C1 Preparation
February 2, 2021
Extensive B1 +
27 January, 2021

Extensive course A2

If you know some words and verbs in Spanish, if you can introduce yourself and talk a bit about yourself, this group may be perfect. They have started not long ago with Spanish and are still in the first level. Sign up as soon as possible and don't miss anything else!

Course features


Group teacher

Alba is one of our teachers more veteran in El Aula Azul. She loves teaching Spanish and meeting people from all over the world. Her classes are always perfectly prepared for students to get the most out of them with very thoughtful activities so that the objective of each class is met. Most of Alba's students ask us to continue with her throughout her learning. Surely if you have classes with her, you won't want to change your teacher either.

Modality: Online / Hybrid

Remember! This group follows the hybrid modality, which means that there are students who follow the class online and students who attend the class in person. See more information about El Aula Azul - Safe school and class modalities.

Proof class

You can try the first class without obligation. If you are not satisfied and do not want to continue with the course, you will not have to pay it.

Pre-enroll in the course

Monday and Wednesday

9:30 – 11:00