Safe School - COVID 19

"In these new times that we are having to live, we have done our best to continue offering you the best teaching of Spanish adapted to your preferences: choose how you want to study Spanish and do it with total security".
Silvia García, director of administration and reservations

If you want to come to San Sebastian (Spain) a study SpanishAt El Aula Azul, we have everything prepared so that you can get the most out of your course. But if you still can't visit us, you can choose from many other options.

We have created new types of classes so you can study with us in person or online.

In addition, if you are already in Spain and want to study at our school, do so with maximum security since we have obtained the seal of "Safe School against COVID-19" issued by the Federation of Spanish schools in Spain.

New types of classes

1Face-to-face classes

Students attend in person to class at our school in San Sebastián (Spain). We comply with all security measures against COVID-19.

Available for:

  • Intensive courses
  • Super intensive courses
  • Private lessons
  • Private classes for two

If you want to do any of these courses online, write us without problem and we will offer you a solution.

Download our Safe School certificate against COVID-19
2Hybrid classes

A new format in which some students come to class in person and others attend class online.

How does it work?

Through a system of webcams, screens and microphones in the classroom, students, both online and in person, will be able to interact with their teacher and with their classmates as if they were all in physical class.


  • Minimize the risk of contagion.
  • It allows students connecting from other countries to attend a real class (not virtual).
  • It exploits both the effective teaching resources of face-to-face classes, as well as digital resources.

  • Available for:
    • Extensive courses
    • Semi-intensive courses
    • Private classes for two
    Download more information about our hybrid classes.
3 Online classes

They are the classes that are developed by Internet: both the teacher and the student will be connected through a videoconference program.

Available for:
  • Private lessons
  • Private classes for two
  • Intensive Senior

Safe ELE School Certificate

The Federation of Associations of Spanish schools in Spain, FEDELE, has created a complete recognition system with guidelines, recommendations and protocols to follow to achieve a school as safe as possible in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

In this way you can go to the school with the assurance that we have a contingency plan and specific protocols to reduce the risk of infection within the center as much as possible.

This seal certifies that the centers have contingency plans to reduce the chances of contagion in the teaching centers and stop the expansion in the face of possible outbreaks of COVID-19.

Consult all the information about the seal of Safe Ele School on the FEDELE website.

Your course: more flexible than ever

If you are thinking of coming to San Sebastián to study with El Aula Azul but you are afraid that your trip will be canceled, now we make it easier for you:

  • Payment of the initial deposit only one month before the start of the course.
  • Full refund of the deposit in case of cancellation due to issues related to COVID-19 (flight cancellation, illness, inability to travel ...).

Make your reservation with total security and don't worry about a thing. Do you still have doubts? Contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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